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2016-07-28 21:00:00

Does anybody have advice on what to look out for when buying a Libero? I'm interested in purchasing one but don't know the car very well.


2016-07-28 22:10:30

stults: it really depends on which model.The earlier one (E12) corrodes badly around door bottoms, wheel arches & the fuel filler area (this a very complex area to repair). The chassis only has one problem area, this is just in front of the rear shock absorbers on both sides where there is small metal deflector plate welded to the chassis. You must also check the steering rack for cracks on the casting. The front to rear water pipes are also prone to corrosion, but the can be easily replaced with 22mm copper pipe. Every thing else is usually trouble free if it has been maintained correctly. If you need parts to repair it they are usually available from in Japan, all parts are genuine Subaru, prices & service is excellent & they also accept payment by PayPal.

2016-07-28 23:18:57

itscervo: thanks for the reply. It is a 98 libero sdx. i asked about rust and he sent me this picture, my german is not great so i'm not sure what part it is when he told me over the phone. looks like the exhaust maybe? what do you think? he said aside from this, there wasn't any significant rust and the pictures of the body, at least, seem to confirm this.

2016-07-28 23:48:20

Hi, this photo shows that the heat shield on the 1st section of the exhaust pipe is badly corroded, see item 44101 in the link.

2016-07-29 01:01:08

itscervo: there are two items for 44101. I'm assuming the later model (1992-12-01, 1994-05-01 EF10A) is the one I would order? Again, thanks for your help, I greatly appreciate it.

2016-07-29 11:53:54

Hi, the link posted was just an example. If you need to order any parts, you need to enter your model no. as there can be different parts for lhd/rhd & region. When it comes to ordering a part you may find Subaru will have deleted certain part no's. & only one no. will be available for parts that will fit vehicle's from different regions.