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Subaru Libero 1992 driveshafts

Forum Libero Subaru Libero 1992 driveshafts

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2016-06-08 15:29:12

Hello everyone.

My 1992 EF12 needs a new driveshaft (half-shaft) for the rear passenger wheel.

I found a guy who's selling all four from a post 1993 model(I think it's a 1994).

Anyone knows if they would work?

I need to know before I seal the deal.


2016-06-08 17:51:32

Just beware of counting the number of teeth on each joint, diameters and lengths. I think you should compare yours and the "new" ones.

Here, in SouthAmerica, i wouldn't miss the chance of having extra subaru parts. They're really hard to find.