17:19:27 jrchavia Well I can get information and send to you about manual. I have t look for it and later I send t you.ok
18:41:36 sutanito Alguien que me ayude a conseguir manual subaru vivio año 1997
22:13:34 Miguelfox
00:25:35 Miguelfox VIVA
00:24:23 Miguelfox hello, , I have e Subaru Vivio, It is a beautiful car
15:18:57 Bullitt_Wolf Hello
12:01:11 khayo front bearings vivio 28016TA000
14:33:40 Vernas Good afternoon, Our company specializes in sales of original Subaru spare parts (axle, engine, transmission, bodywork, brakes) in the Baltic states and Poland. Our orders are executed directly by the manufacturer in Japan and our stock is refilled every three - four months. If you are interested in my offer, tell me about it and we will try to develop our cooperation! Also there is a probability, as I can offer you a lot of items (spare parts). http://auto.plius.lt/vern.../autodalys/lengvuju-dalys
19:10:21 Loyale2.7Turbo Greetings from Honduras ;)
14:29:18 Nell Initially, Toyota Motor Corporation were not very confident that the TOYOTA brand name(Logo) would be popularly accepted in Europe. So they sought advice from a German P.R. Company and asked them if they could think of a good alternative name. The German advisor asked Mr. Toyota how soon he wanted it? To which he replied A.S.A.P.! .....The German thought for a while................and said..........DATSOON.
00:45:17 SubDriver
20:58:26 SubDriver Hi George!
18:25:50 SubDriver 21.12.2011 - I took driving licenc
16:13:53 SubDriver I am Rati. I live in Georgia. We have a lot of good place for Rally, but there is no rally. I offer you: come in Georgia, I will stand with you and have a nice days. I promise you, I will Show you many intresting sings in Georgia. I will be your host.
20:57:07 SubDriver hi all
18:40:43 Loyale2.7Turbo Your WRX has an Vacuum Leak somewhere...
01:22:43 hadekon 2 engfgs: I am afraid it is prohibited to use tires with spikes in Czech republic.
11:38:25 safro Ahoj Is it possible to come in the winter in the Czech Republic on wheels with spikes?
09:37:55 bubupeti Hi everybody... can somebody help to me?? i am new here and i'd like to contact the "president" of this club i am from hungary :)
20:17:19 bubupeti we organize an international subaru meeting in september...
20:15:50 bubupeti i am a hungarian subaru owner and member of the hungarian subaru club...
20:15:07 bubupeti hi everyone... i am new here, and i need some help :)